When Georgia Tetlow started medical school, she wanted to make sure that she’d maintain a “mind, body, spirit approach” to health in her new career as a doctor. After finishing medical school and her residency, Tetlow won a fellowship in integrative medicine – that is, a practice that combines the best of conventional and alternative medicine.

With both her conventional and integrative training in hand, Tetlow started Philadelphia Integrative Medicine. Her clinic uses research-driven methods to heal a variety of symptoms and disorders including gastrointestinal problems, back and neck pain, thyroid issues, autoimmune disorders, and other chronic and common conditions.

My successes. 

Tetlow created an effective marketing plan to build up her nurse practitioners’ client base so that her business could thrive. Her marketing strategy includes hosting events, running a wellness blog, and maintaining a comprehensive website.

How SCORE helped. 

While Tetlow was trained in multiple modes of care by the time she started her clinic, she didn’t have any formal business training. She says she needed help with “business development, marketing, HR, you name it.” Tetlow says her SCORE mentors, Don Havas and Ralph Clemmer, “offered consistent support and follow up, and helped me at a key time in my business.”

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My Mentors