SCORE TriCounty Women's Event Series
Join us for this live virtual experience for women entrepreneurs

Roadmap to Profitability


Is your business profitable? Are you generating enough revenue? Are you charging for the value you provide?  What's your plan?

Join us this fall for the Roadmap to Profitability, SCORE TriCounty's series for women entrepreneurs.

These are live virtual experiences where you will be able to network and interact with other women business professionals as well as learning how to position your business for success as we navigate this new normal.

Here is the schedule:

Know Your Numbers
October 7, 2021
11:30AM - 1:00PM

At the heart of profitability is knowing and tracking the key metrics for your business. In order to make the profit you want from your business, learn the numbers to watch and influence in order to meet your goals.


Know Your Value
October 21, 2021
11:30AM - 1:00PM

Do you know the value of what you provide to your customer? Are you charging enough for the value you provide? Don't let old beliefs hold you back from the time and money freedom you are looking for.


Know Your Plan
Nov 4, 2021
11:30AM - 1:00PM

A goal without a plan is a wish.  What steps do you have to take to achieve your goals?  Learn about the business canvas model, a simple framework for identifying your next action steps.


You may register for free for all sessions or for a single session.  Be prepared to have your camera on and to meet and interact with your fellow women entrepreneurs as we travel the Roadmap to Profitability.

Truist Bank

This series is presented by SCORE TriCounty and sponsored by Truist Bank.