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The health of small business owners, their employees, the community and the SCORE network of volunteers remain our top priority. Meetings with our small business advisors are by Zoom and flexible to YOUR schedule. Get started today, browse our library of informational articles, or sign up for a webinar or class on demand. Our small business advisors look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

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Whether you're just starting out, in business, or ready to sell or retire, you can get FREE, confidential, business advice from expert advisors committed to helping you succeed. Connect with one of our online mentors today.

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If you’re looking for free, local business templates, guides, blogs or other helpful tools, SCORE is your destination. Browse our resource library to get the latest in small business strategies and trends. Use the information you find in the library to grow your business knowledge.

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We are proud of over 25 years of service to the entrepreneurs and business owners of the tri-county business community. 

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The People Behind TriCounty SCORE

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Every year, SCORE volunteers help thousands of entrepreneurs start small businesses and achieve new levels of success in their existing businesses. Volunteering at SCORE is a way for you to give back to your community, connect with fellow business owners, and pass on your knowledge and expertise to the next generation of entrepreneurs in your community.

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Small businesses are a vital part of the U.S. economy. SCORE is here to help.

Online Support Available on YOUR Schedule

The health of small business owners, their employees and the SCORE network of volunteers remain our top priority. SCORE's continued support is fully available through several online opportunities outlined below.

Local Chapter Workshops & Events

In-person chapter workshops are postponed for the time being. We will continue offering SCORE LIVE webinars and online workshops.

Remote Mentoring

Mentors are available to participate in remote mentoring sessions via phone, email and a variety of video and chat services. If you already have a SCORE mentor, ask them if you can use a remote mentoring method for your sessions. If you don’t already have a SCORE mentor, you can find a business mentor.

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